Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long time no see!

Hi, long time no see! Being lazy to update my blog, I have actually planned to terminate my blog previously, but somehow I end up doing nothing. Today, I don't really feel so good, and then I start to miss my blog. And so, here I am, to express my boringness.

Time goes on, people changes in terms of attitude, ways of thinking, social commitments and lots more. Me, realizes that the more you spend your time with someone, the more you care about someone and the more you behave sensitively to someone. Confusion therefore exists, in between of love and hatred. People get trapped in this, thus pretend to behave irrationally to someone, with the hope to get attention from him/her. People did this to satisfy and comfort themselves. From an outsider's point of view, this people must be emotional all the time. And he is right, this people is very sensitive, and so he/she can be moody at most of the time. Then people, why making you life down when you have the chance to stay cheer? Don't be someone that you hate, be the one you admire!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Unspeakable act of vengeance

Farquharson's resentment and anger toward his ex-wife, Cindy Gambino drove him to murder his three sons by driving them into a dam on Father's Day.

While on an access visit with the boys, he drove his car off the Princes Highway near Winchelsea in the state's southwest and into the deep, dark dam. He swam to shore, leaving the boys to drown in the car.

In 2007, Farquharson was sentenced to life with no-parole, but won a retrial last year. Today, he was jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 33 years in prison before being eligible for parole.


I feel really upset about this. As a father, how dare is him to send his children to a death agony?! The kids must have met terrifying deaths. He is their father. Those kids must have put their utmost respect to their beloved father, and yet he is the one who take their lives away in such a cruel way. I sympathize the children.

Although there is no more love between a couple or parent, they should not behave in such a heartless manner to their children. Children deserve the right to live happily. Parents should not burden their children with unfortunate. Let them enjoy a happy childhood.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aussie news

A mother neglected her three children and let her dogs starve to death because she was so obsessed with a computer game.

She played the Small World game non-stop on the internet while her children were badly neglected for six months. According to the report, the mother had become hooked on the computer game after an invitation to play from a friend on Facebook. She started playing initially for an hour a day in late 2009 but since August of that year it had become an obsession to the point where she was only getting two hours' sleep a night. It was revealed that her home became filthy, with rubbish strewn over the floor, and the bodies of her two dogs were left for two months in the dining room. The horror only came to an end when a neighbour peered through the letterbox and alerted the authorities.

Investigation has been done, and it is found that the woman had been a devoted and competent mother until tragedy struck some years ago with the death of her husband from a heart attack. She retreated into this virtual world and shut herself off from the outside world.

The mother was sentenced to six months' imprisonment, suspended for two years and ordered to do 75 hours of unpaid work. She was banned from keeping animals and using computers. Also, she admitted three charges of child cruelty and two of animal neglect.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aussie news

Theories that men's and women's brains are wired differently are a 'myth', say experts

Fellow researchers have come out with their scientific findings, supporting the old prejudice that women are not men’s intellectual equals. This is followed by the publishing of books, saying that there are structural differences between men’s and women’s brain. The arguments are as follow.

1. Female brains are better at empathizing while men’s are wired for analyzing the physical world.

2. Women spend most of their lives on a psychological “roller coaster” controlled mainly by fluctuating hormone levels.

3. In Victorian times scientists suggested women thought with a different part of their brain from men. In the 1950s they came up with the idea that women's 'inferior' thinking was controlled by their hormones.

4. Female brain's propensity for understanding others' feelings makes women more suited to caring occupations.

5. Women spend most of their lives in thrall to hormones generated by their monthly cycles, the birth of children and other factors. It is claimed that only when the children leave home are the mommy brain circuits finally free.

6. Women benefited from housework because it boosted their hormone levels.

7. On average men prefer to deal with things, whereas females like to deal with people.

A leading neuroscientist, Professor Gina Rippon has dismissed the “myth” that women’s brains are wired differently from men’s. He sees all such ideas as “patronising nonsense”. According to his point of view, there may be some very small differences between the genders but the similarities are far greater. Throughout history, biological explanations have been used as weapons to explain and maintain social differences. But there is no real evidence that men and women have different brain structures. This is further supported by Dr. Cordelia Fine. She asserted that those old-fashioned findings have produced “a masterpiece of condescension”. Their concern would be on the fear that neuroscience will be used to justify changes in education policy. Such pressures are already developing. In 2008 Vicky Tuck, the headmistress of Cheltenham ladies' college, mentioned that single-sex schools should make a comeback as boys' brains worked differently from girls'.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Teenager drink-driving escaped from sentence

As a P-platter, a drunken teenage girl, Tate of 19 years old was observed speeding at 180km/h yesterday. An empty 750ml vodka bottle was found near the front seat of the respective car. Tate pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and high-range drink-driving. She was given a 12-months suspended jail sentence. Her license was suspended for two years. She was ordered to pay $76 court costs but escaped a fine. This is mainly because she is young, pregnant and depressed. It is claimed that the girl was diagnosed with depression after the deaths of her father and boyfriend. Taking into consideration her age, it was her first offence and she is now nine weeks pregnant. However, this outcome has been vehemently debated by many people. They said that the reckless driver should be sentenced to jail as it will encourage other young drivers to think that they can get away from punishment. Doubt arises about the justice system in Australia.

In my opinion, this teenage girl should be penalized. Pregnancy and depression should not be the reason to pull back the punishment. As a mother, she should have the responsibility to care for her child and herself. As she was diagnosed with depression after the deaths of her father and boyfriend, she knows exactly what it feels like to lose someone she love yet she goes and does such a stupid and mindless act that could caused the same trauma to another family.

Monday, August 23, 2010


My eye is signaling me to go to bed earlier tonight. Just a few more pages to flip through and a few more notes to study, I will have my time to rest. Tomorrow, there is a morning class at 8am. It makes me to think about the test paper I did last Friday. Scare...

My goal tonight ===>>> read some and enjoy ^.^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A heavy weekend

This weekend is fulled of workloads. Everyday, I am working on the massive homework, hoping that the day of release would come faster. For this moment, I am tired. Looking around, everyone is actually doing the same thing. So, I should not blaming, but keep on my effort.

Two tests are coming in the following week. Some of my classmates will be having their tutorial on next week as well. Good luck to them.

What I am looking for is the week after next. We are going to Melacca during that weekend for two days and one night. Thanks to my friends that are putting their efforts in organizing this trip. Doing research is time consuming. Thanking you in advance.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Girl thrown to death in 'train rage' incident in India

There have been several incidents in India over the past year in which passengers have been pushed out of moving trains. This was basically caused by the fights over sitting space, and it is very common in the unreserved compartments of Indian trains, which are often overcrowded, hot and unsanitary.

A tragedy happened to two years old girl. She was thrown to her death from a moving train after an argument between passengers in India regarding the fight over limited sitting place. The little girl’s parents resisted four men’s attempts to share a berth, and this unfortunately caused one of them to throw the girl out of the moving train. The train made an emergency stop and the parents rushed back down the tracks to recover the child. The men slipped away in the crowd.

Sadly, it is found that no passenger was willing to lend a helping hand during the violence. The parents were too weak to fight against the strong men.


Miss Dilani told us that current hot topics include accident, global warming and sexual issues. So, I try to investigate the news related to these few topics. I am lucky today to find one article related to train accidents over in India. However, it is originated from people's rude behaviour.

Personally, I think that India’s public infrastructure is in great need for improvement. Sitting place should be expanded to fulfill the demands of huge population. In other words, the responsible parties should allocate more resources to extend the number of train as well as upgrade the security system in transportation industry. At the same time, public should be educated not to use violence to meet their own demands. Tolerance and the value of being considerate should be inculcated in the public. Moral education at home plays an important role in establishing a respectable society.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random update

I just grab some time in between of works to write something on this post. I am listening to musics, and it calms me a lot. Anyway, it does not mean that I am moody. ^.^ Well, I don't know what to write actually.

Today, I listened to my classmates mock tutorial. I understood that we need more discussion rather than merely presentation. In my last mock tutorial, I have been pointed as the host of the discussion. It was something new to me as I seldom perform as a leader in a group due to my introvert personality. =( However, this kind of practice give me more idea on how to improve the overall presentation and handle the flow and time management of the presentation. I am not too sure about the actual tutorial because my lecturer did not pass us the confirmed date. Hope that I can do better in next round. v.v

Not much thing today. Mr. Wong gave us a sudden quiz today. I can handle the questions, not too bad. Luckily I did revision from time to time. I got back my English test 1 paper as well. There was a little disappointment, but it was still okay with me. Not much issue over there.

Regarding the applicaton of university, I have some problems with the credit card. My parents do not own any credit card. My father said he will try to ask from his friends. It looked like there are complicated procedures to follow. Currently, I need to survey for my back-up courses, and fill in the forms.

Alright, good luck to everyone today. Have a nice day. @.@

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Men twice as likely as women to be caught cheating

When it comes to having an affair, men apparently are strictly amateurs compared with women. According to research done, men are twice as likely to get caught because they're so hopeless at covering their tracks. Women, however, are far more skilled in the art of hiding their affairs, particularly when it comes to handling technology such as emails, texts and social networking sites. Survey revealed that 40 per cent of women who have affairs used an "alibi friend" to help them spend more time with a lover. Women are more psychologically sophisticated while men are more impulsive. They choose to keep details of their trysts a secret, for fear of being caught. Sara Hartley, of, said men often left their mobile phones lying around, giving their partners a chance to check up on them. She claimed that women are more careful to log out of email accounts and Facebook and keep separate email addresses and SIM cards, specifically for their lovers' use.


Well, it looks like women play the game better than men in handling their external affairs. However, it did not mean that men were not doing well in this area. In fact, there were men who done greatly.
I am concerned that is it important to know this piece of information? In my opinion, we should not cheat in a relationship. What happened to the good old fashion “TRUST”? A relationship enables two persons of different personality, background and belief. Indeed, there are many things that worth to be learnt in a relationship such as toleration, appreciation, integrity and so forth. LOVE is not for cheating. It is essential to every one of us.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mum thrown off bus for breastfeeding

A breastfeeding mother was forced to walk more than kilometre home with her six-week-old baby after a driver allegedly told her to get off the bus. She was not allowed to feed her baby on the bus, after a passenger complaint about her "indecent exposure". According to her claim, she done it as usual by lifting her jumper and pulling T-shirt down, followed by putting a blanket over the baby head so that nobody could see anything. She complained to the particular bus firm after the incident, but a female operator told her that she should not breastfeeding her baby on the bus. The spokesman responded by saying that they fully support mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies. They are in the process of investigating the matter. However, the bus operator said the review of CCTV footage could find no evidence of the incident and he accused the mother of making the story up.


In my opinion, breastfeeding should be encouraged. If this particular case were to be found consistent with the mother’s claim, the bus firm should be penalized for not respecting woman’s right. The practice of breastfeeding is slowly eliminated in the society as many modern mothers are not willing to carry out this job to their babies due to a number of reasons. This issue should be highlighted to the public, so that it raises the concern of everyone. However, if this lady were to be found guilty, she should be penalized as well because she should not make an advantage of the right emotionally.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aussie news for today

Robert Whatley, 70 years old, who had recently suffered a stroke, was shocked by two police officers’ brutality on his way back home. After stopping him for not wearing a seat belt, the policemen act aggressively by smashing on Mr. Whatley’s windscreen and dragging him out of his car. Mr. Whatley claimed that the police went completely over the top and act as he had robbed a bank. According to the traffic police, the reason behind the rude behavior was that Mr. Whatley tried to drive off while they were issuing him with a fine. With reference to this matter, Mr. Whatley defended himself by saying that he drove off because he was feeling vulnerable and was worried he was going to have another stroke. He thought the sirens and flashing lights were escorting him home rather than warning him to stop. The magistrate’s court fined Mr. Whatley guilty $408 for not wearing a seat belt, failing to stop for a police officer and failing to stop after an accident. Gwent Police said that the two officers had been suspended and that the incident was being investigated.

Robert Whatley's terrifying arrest was caught on video ( and the footage shows one officer jumping on the car bonnet and kicking the windscreen and the other hitting the glass with his baton 15 times until it smashed.


In my opinion, both parties were responsible to this incident. Traffic police should not behave in an aggressive manner towards a driver. Emotion should have been better controlled. While for the careless driving, he should be penalized for trying to escape from the police arrest. As what he claimed for the escape, I think it did not sound reasonable. If the traffic police are really on job to escort him home, why did the police try to stop him? Perhaps he was trying to excuse himself from the penalty.

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I feel about today.

Hoping that today will be a wonderful day, it turns out to be a demotivating day.

I get back my Math's paper. I failed. I scored so badly. Never, since I was in primary school, I never fail in any test! I feel so depressed today.

It is enough.

For these two weeks, I feel depressed two times. I was trying really hard to control myself not to cry out. Anytime I think back of the sad story, I will soon feel wetness around my eyes. It is such a hard task to let myself calm down, to let myself not to thik too much, not to let myself feel so unhappy.

In the previous post, I mentioned that I am targeting on happiness in my life. Seriously, no joke. Happiness is the most important thing in life, based on what I think. But, I do not manage to do it today. I know it is not easy to achieve.

I am wondering, how come I can fail in my test this time? Is it I did not put sufficient effort? Or I did not try my best? I am not serious towards this test???
Iis that the case?

I don't know.

Well, I am sure that I was already put my highest effort and try my best to tackle every question given in the paper. At that time, I was so confused by the question. There were altogether 4 questions, and sadly, (I thought) I managed to answer at least question no. 4. The remaining questions almost drive me out of the paper. Although I have idea on how to solve it after a couple times of repeating logical thinking, I still get 0 for two of the question. Why? And even the last question that I was quite confident about, lose a couple marks, not because I was careless, but because I thought the formulas should be like that. I have the wrong piece of information in my head, and that's why i did mistakes.

My concept is wrong, probably I do not understand this chapter. Previously, I thought I understand those concepts.

After a few rounds of analyzing my mistakes, I found out that I do not understand this chapter that I supposed to.

It has been a hard time for me in class this morning. I can't even face my lecturer in class. It is the feeling that I did not putting right effort and approach to study what she taught. Shame!

I cannot continue anymore. I will stop now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Learn to appease

I saw my friend's blog. I am happy to read his post, saying that he feel happy and satisfied easily. It is a good news.

I am trying to do that. Sometimes, a very little thing can make us happy. Happiness can be achieved easily if there is no expectation. A simple thing, surprisingly, can bring happiness.

This is what I intend to achieve in life, happiness.

Today, my mood is not really good. A little case makes me unhappy. I don't know why. It is just a natural response from me mentally. I try to find the way to calm myself down, and try not to think too much. But, I failed. I keep on doing the stupid thing! I should not treat myself like that.

Now, thing has become better. I hope that everything is going to be wonderful tomorrow. Let me have a tight tight sleep and enjoy my dreaming time. Oops, hope that I am not screaming tonight because of the unhappiness. >.<


Sunday, August 1, 2010

A small start yields a big payday

Bob Cameron grew up in the western Sydney. He went to the Hunter Valley to run a coalmining company, Coal & Allied after finishing a mining engineering degree. In 1989, he paid $2 million to his employer for a Gunnedah mine and started Preston Coal. He ran the mining company from the back veranda of his house in Maitland. Two decades later, the business, known as Centennial Coal, is about to be taken over by Thai miner, Banpu in a transaction that values it at $2.45 billion.

Banpu owns a very reputable coalmining company and has a nearly similar culture to Coal $ Allied collieries. Shareholders were responding positively towards this plan as it helps to enhance their share values. Besides, Cameron pointed out that the employees are safe in their current positions in this take-over process. Despite prices of domestic and export coal being at parity, Cameron's strategy was to grow exports and reduce dependence on domestic supply as domestic sales contribute less to earnings. Cameron says that over the 21 years he built up Centennial, it's not just the growth of the now Sydney-based company that he is proud of, the emphasis is put on safety, environmental standards, community relations in the operation areas and strict corporate governance. With the Banpu bid not 100 per cent certain, Cameron says he has not allowed himself to think of what comes next, but focused on running the business day-by-day.


Here is an example of a great man performing successfully in his life. We should take him as a role model to accomplish our own-set target. With great determination and desire, nothing is impossible. So, believe in ourselves, and strive hard for the coming challenges. Nothing can beat us down. Appreciate and learn from what we are having, what we have gone through and what we are given. =)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More babies, less migrants

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott would like to see improvement on birth rate in Australia together with the drop in annual immigration intake to 170,000 places, compared to a peak of 300,000 two years ago. The Coalition wanted to make immigration more sustainable. On the other hand, the birth rate in the country is still significantly below replacement level. However, most of the labor forces oppose this policy. They claimed that immigration intake was already on the way down and would soon be less than the Coalition's target of 170,000. The latest data showed Australia's net overseas migration was on track to drop to between 230,000 and 250,000 people by the end of the 2009-10 financial years. Student visa numbers had dropped from 320,000 in 2008-09 to about 270,000 in 2009-2010. The Government had cut the immigration intake last year because of the economic slowdown, and also tightened eligibility for some visas. Treasury forecasts predict Australia will have 36 million people by 2050 if current migration patterns continue. As a result, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has rejected the forecast as a Government target, opting instead for what she calls a sustainable population.

July's time

July indicates the start of my third semester. This month is going to end soon. Time passes fast. I done two presentations last week, and I hope that there will be no presentation pointed to me in this coming week. Haha... I still get nervous and uneasy when I stood in front of the class and gave speech. My heart beat damn fast at that moment. However, I was glad that my classmates told me that I presented quite well, for English one. ^.^

Hope that the coming days will be alright. Good luck to all my friends.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Falling fertility fuels demand

The declining fertility in Western and Asian countries put overseas student recruitment atop the productivity agenda due to the increasing demand on skilled workers and students to meet urgent workforce demand. According to migration expert Hawthorne, as Australia squeezed the independent skilled migration class used by overseas students, declining fertility was fuelling international competition for skilled migrants. The University of Melbourne's associate dean claims that OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] countries are at risk of contracting by a third, with severe productivity implications. She said most OECD countries had fertility rates below replacement level. Countries with traditionally high birth rates, such as Mexico, were contracting, while others are falling to a dangerous level. This fertility revolution was being replicated across Asia, where overall population growth was in rapid decline. As a result, many countries are found to expand their export education and introduce new or revised migration policies.


I knew that I am over-stressed this week. I am said to be shouting more fequently at midnight during my sleep, and it happens almost everday in this week. Well, this is my bad habit that is out of my control, to shout and behave angrily and aggressively on bed when I fall asleep. I pick up this habit since I was small. I cannot control myself for not being like that because I don't really have any memory about that, meaning I do not know I behave like that unless others tell me. Of course, others ask me why is it happen that way. My answer would be "I don't know". Seriously, I cannot control it, and I wonder why is it happen to me. Maybe I am too stressful, causing me to release tension at night during my sleep. I have to say sorry to anyone of you who being badly disturbed by me during your sleep. Really sorry for that. My mom have actually told me to inform my friends so that they get alerted. I admit I can behave so aggressively until I may just wake up and punch other in case I am in extreme angry mood. Sorry again.... I do hurt my younger sister before, and I made her cry. I felt so sorry for her... I am being told to inform my roommate, if I behave like that at midnight, please call my name, and I will stop. No joke! It really works! Trust me. My mom used to practice it. It is one way to make me stop. I don't know about the other ways, but this is an applicable method. Sorry for all the disturbance and inconvenience.